What's all the fuss about Automation?


Automate legacy systems and bridge last-mile gaps across your enterprise to get work done faster and simpler.

DAS Platform delivers through a combination of decision-making capabilities with your business rules to simplify fragmented and complicated processes.

• Scalability – Design with your business rules
• Extensibility – Integrate with ease (REST, Soap,..) with our tools
• Usability – Built-in reporting and analytics

Do not be a hostage to “business as usual “and “we've always done it this way” habits. Create and improve your processes all the time, one small step at the time, and you will transform into a better business. Our intuitive systems will make the change a second nature to your employees, customers, and vendors, who will adopt it with ease.

Reduce travel time with real-time recommendations to cluster appointments by proximity or speed up job completion.

Process Management